ExcelSmartTools Statistics

ExcelSmartTools Statistics 32Bits is for user that frequently need to visualize statistical analysis

ExcelSmartTools Statistics 32 Bits, is a statistical package developed for Microsoft Excel for Windows desktop, 32Bits Version only.

With Statistics 32Bits users can transform raw data in statistical information, presenting information in table or graph format.

Statistics 32Bits is developed for user that frequently need to visualize statistical analysis and seldom need to create tables or print information.


Statistics 32 Bits can be Fully evaluated for an evaluation period of 15 days.

Users quickly get statistical information, like descriptive and quantile statistics, perform histogram, QQ and Box Plot charts, frequency Chart for text data.


  • Build Simple, Cumulative and Custom Histograms to check shape distribution

  • Build Box Plot or 5 points Statistics to check central tendency and dispersion

  • QQ Plots to check normality distribution

  • Scatter Charts to check correlations between two variables

  • Trendline chart to visualize the general direction of a group of points and check which values fall outside 2 and 3 standard deviations lines

  • Descriptive Statistics to get basic information

  • Percentiles to get the percentage of cases that fall below a particular value

  • Extreme and Outliers to check smallest, largest and outliers values

  • Text Frequency to quickly count the number of times each text is displayed



Program Details

System Requirements

Microsoft Excel Running Windows Operating System

Supported Versions

Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365 32 Bits Versions ONLY

Microsoft Excel 64 Bits Not Supported

Mac or Mobile Not Supported

Price: 30 USD

License Model: 15 days Evaluation Period, full functionality Tools.

Activation Model: After placing the order, a license Key is sent to buyers email.


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