ExcelSmartTools DataClean

ExcelSmartTools DataClean is for helping users to edit, to correct, to replace and to clean spreadsheets, lists and reports

ExcelSmartTools DataClean is developed for helping users to edit, to correct, to replace and to clean spreadsheets, lists and reports imported from ERP (for instance AS400), web sites, and from other software packages.


ExcelSmartTools DataClean can be Fully evaluated for an evaluation period of 15 days.

Main Benefits for all users:

  • It’s a Time-Saver: perform in minutes what otherwise would take hours.
  • It’s an Error Saver: using powerful features reduces the number of errors compared with manually writing formulas to clean your data;
  • Easily check integrity of cells on a set of validation rules;
  • Easily check descriptive statistics on continuous and categorical data


For Microsoft Excel users the major commands available allows to:

– To Validate data against a rich set of Integrity Rules

– Check that all the cells are of the same type of data (for instance, dates, formulas, labels)

– To edit and to correct values of lists, allowing correcting several values simultaneously

– Replace Blank or missing cells;

– Correct formulas that return errors, as for instance the division for zero

– Convert text for upper letters, lower cases

– To eliminate spaces in excess,

– To correct negative values (125 -) for the correct value in Microsoft Excel -125

– To convert Numeric Text for numbers, that can be used by mathematical functions in the spreadsheet

– To convert thousands and decimal separator for the separators used by the spreadsheet (and configured in the Control Panel)

– To extract a sampling of the data, using three methods different from samplings

– Shade the list


Program Details

System Requirements

Microsoft Excel Running Windows Operating System

Supported Versions

Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 and 365

32 and 64 Bits

Mac or Mobile Not Supported

Price: 50 USD

License Model: 15 days Evaluation Period, full functionality Tools.

Activation Model: After placing the order, a license Key is sent to buyers email.


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