ExcelSmartTools Auditor

ExcelSmartTools Auditor is an Audit Package developed to work with Microsoft Excel. This category of packages is designed to aid users find the most possible number of errors in spreadsheets.

Compared with professional software development process, spreadsheets are normally developed and kept in an unstructured way. Due to this unstructured development, the process of debugging, finding and correcting errors is hard, and the errors detection rates are low.

A simply classification of spreadsheets errors could be:

  1. Reference errors. includes errors like wrong references to other cells or incorrect summation of values.
  2. Outdated Values: incorrected references to external worksheets or using formulas linked to closed workbooks.
  3. Cells containing incorrect formulas or parameters.
  4. Input errors. Users typing and editing errors or wrong pasted cells.

Even a small worksheet model can have several hundreds of cells and formulas and the better users makes some of the previous errors, getting and delivering erroneous information.

Our software is used to verify the consistency of worksheets, by identifying and highlight cells with different data types, copied cells and number formats, helping users to visually identify sources of errors.

Our software package also evaluates formulas to find inconsistency formulas and to draw arrows to precedents and dependents cells, aiding users to debug worksheets errors.

Microsoft Excel users that have the responsibility to develop and report information to managers and tax authorities know the consequences of delivering wrong information. Among others, Auditing and Accountability are a professional group that can enormous benefit from the features of ExcelSmartTools Auditor package.