ExcelSmartTools DataClean

ExcelSmartTools DataClean is a Data Clean or Data Cleansing Package developed to work within Microsoft Excel. This category of packages is designed to aid users check, edit, correct and to clean spreadsheets.

In general terms, Data Cleaning or Data Cleansing refers to the process of identifying incorrect, incomplete, irrelevant, or tricky data and then replace, modify and delete the data.

Data Clean is a necessary and important step to transform data in information. In a data analysis process, its widely reported that almost 80% of the time spent is to prepare data, and only 20% obtaining and extracting information from data.

In this process of data clean, Microsoft Excel spreadsheet plays an important role. Due to built-in functions and features and its widely availability, it is one of the first choices to make Data Clean tasks.

But Data Cleaning its is also a high intense and repetitive process of reading and writing data in spreadsheets. Inserting columns, writing formulas, performing cut and paste operations, deleting columns and many other operations.

All the previous tasks require time and knowledge, and this is the advantage of specialized packages developed to work within Microsoft Excel.

The first goal of this packages is to save time, and saving time saves money in your personal or professional projects. Our experience says that even in small projects, the use of specialized packages can easily save hours of man work.

The second goal is to structure data clean process, by providing tools/features to inspect, clean, verify and report data sets.

The third goal is to reduce the number of errors performed in data clean process. The larger the data set (variables x records count), the bigger the number of errors performed by the user (formula mistakes, incorrected paste areas). A data clean process aims to remove errors from data, but very often this process is one of the main sources of errors.

Since its first version in the year of 2000, we have been updating and introducing new features to make ExcelSmartTools DataClean faster, easier and powerful in reading, checking and transforming data.